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B&K Agency Inc’s. (B&K) mission is to be a leader in the temporary help industry by providing our clients with exceptional, knowledgeable and flexible workers. Our vision is to run an employment agency that can be relied upon to fulfill your expectations and ongoing needs by matching our employee’s skills to your companies needs. B&K is a business with a social responsibility. We believe we have a social responsibility to support the communities that support us. A percentage of our profits are earmarked for local and Developing World Charities, with a focus on donations towards food/nutrition programs and education.

Our Business is located in Etobicoke, Ontario with easy access to the Toronto Transit System.  

Collectively B&K staff has over 50 years of work experience in the Public Sector.

Contact us @ 416-622-3776 or email us - for more information. You will not regret it.